Monday, May 15, 2017

May progress

It's time to document what's in bloom now. Today was our first very warm day, from what I can remember. I was walking in the evening, a warm breeze came up, and I realized I was wearing shorts and a t shirt and was completely comfortable. Yay! This evening we sat outside on the deck while June bugs buzzed around us, bats flew overhead, and frogs sang their Spring songs. 

The crabapples are fading and the lilacs have just now opened. Beautiful scents are in the air! Phlox are blooming and a few tulips are still open. We are in that perfect window of time where the weeds still seem almost manageable, and we are just now able to plant the "after the last frost" stuff, so we're not behind in planting! Today, my oldest daughter and I even planted sunflower seeds in what I am calling the childrens' garden this year. A good start to the gardening season so far! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Planting time!

Today, I planted my pots full of frost-sensitive annuals. Could we really already be past the last frost? We will see! Mike convinced me that we should go to the Amish greenhouses for flowers last weekend, and I'm glad he did. My aim was to go before things get too sparse-- I'm picky! Last year it worked great going very early in the season, and this year the timing seemed perfect now, just before the last frost in the 10 day forecast. We went to about 6 greenhouses, and I got something at each. I love to browse around and pick what I love at each greenhouse. It went pretty well with 3 little kids in tow, and we even found time to hit up the Amish bakery and dry goods store!

peach flowers- so exciting, I teared up when I saw them! Maybe Mike will finally see some fruit from all his work!

bleeding heart- looked horrible at the end of last season, but it came back as good as new this Spring!

Amish greenhouse

crabapple bloomed this year! Yay!

Mike got an afternoon to hunt for morels. Even better, he found a few in our yard when he was mowing!!

a glimpse of my perennial bed, before the pink tulips fully faded

Walking around our yard this year helps me to realize just how much I like living here. We're also making some progress on different projects we have around the house; it is really encouraging to see our vision for our home come to fruition. I'm looking forward to doing a little landscaping, focusing on some side gardens now that my perennial bed is done, and allowing Mike more time for maintenance and other projects while the vegetable garden takes a rest this year. He is still going to plant some food for our family, but not on the scale he has previously. May, the beginning of the planting season, is like the early dawn of a year of gardening. So full of excitement and hope and possibility. We are enjoying it!


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